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The Rituals Series: Ep. 02 Chloe Hodgson

The Rituals Series: Ep. 02 Chloe Hodgson

The second instalment of our rituals series, is from pilates teacher [Chloe Hodgson]( Chloe teaches pilates for the likes of Deliciously Ella, Lululemon and Soho Farmhouse. Her classes are so good (and tough, but good tough!). They are also accessible to everyone, with her online courses.

What is your die hard morning ritual?

I wake up naturally normally around 6am. I creep downstairs so I don’t wake up the kids, I take my Symprove Probiotics and then sit on the floor to either meditate or do some breathing exercises. I then make myself a hot water and lemon and do some Pilates for 30 mins. After that, I make breakfast, pack lunches and go and get the kids ready for school.

How do you create moments of relaxation throughout the day?

I really struggle with this and I have had to really practise finding moments to sit and do nothing, or simply sip a cup of tea in the garden. When I'm in the car I always practise my breathing exercises too.

What is key to your evening wind-down?

After supper, I stretch in front of the TV and then go upstairs and have a hot bath with lots of magnesium salts. I read and then usually pass out pretty quickly!!

If you had to pick one, what would be your desert island ritual and why?

Doing an hour of Pilates or movement a day, it's my therapy for my mind and body and if I don’t do it regularly, I really don’t feel myself.