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One of the reasons Eym began was because a few years ago I read an article about how toxic synthetic candles can be. It pointed out something that had really never occurred to me before, we often burn candles in the evening, with the windows and doors shut and thus end up breathing in some pretty carcinogenic fumes.

I LOVE candles, and was not willing to part with my habit. They were such a symbolic part of my daily life, putting a full stop on a busy day, a sign that I could relax into an evening. After much research, working with the UK’s top natural perfumers we created blends for the purest candles possible, using only essential oils, that also have the most incredible therapeutic benefits. Eym candles are a different smell, not so intense, not there to overcome any other smell that’s in a room, they are meant to be burnt in your own little sacred space. Once I had burnt and tested hundreds of natural candles, I really couldn’t stand the smell of synthetic ones. They often made me feel a bit nauseous and heady and I’d have to blow them out after about 20 minutes. Do you find the same?

There’s something so magical about the power of natural fragrance, we’re incredibly proud to have created beautiful fragrances that have not one added chemical in them.