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Eym + Laguna B

Refillable candle (Create)

Refillable candle (Create)



For moments of inspiration. Invigorating and clarifying.


  • Bergamot
  • Black Pepper
  • Orange



Improves cognitive function

Reduces stress


Refillable candle, set in hand-blown, Italian Murano glassware. Each piece is unique and designed to be held onto for a lifetime. Once you have burnt through your candle, simply refill with the same or a new fragrance.

How to refill

Rinse glassware in warm water to soften any remaining wax. Scoop out wick with a spoon, wipe away any wax residue and then dry. Insert refill into glassware. Don’t worry if the refill doesn’t quite reach the edge, it will once the wax begins to melt. Light wick and burn until candle melt-pool reaches edges of jar, this will ensure an even burn.

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