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The Grounding One

Standard candle 220g



Your warm welcome home. Comforting and reassuring.


  • Camomile
  • Geranium
  • Rose


Restores inner balance

Helps relieve anxiety

Soothes intense emotions


Our much-loved standard, single wick candle. The range was described by The Independent as “well-rounded, distinct and gorgeous scents, and the most perfect packaging we’ve ever seen.”

What our customers say

Your warm welcome home. Comforting and reassuring.

  • "I have waxed lyrical about your candles at work! We have a channel on Slack all about beauty and we have a long running thread about candles 🕯️yours are utterly delightful.
  • – Sarah, 2020 


  • “I love that the candles are natural. I think it’s important to make them as sustainable as possible. The fragrances are so great”
  • – Beth, 2020 


  • “This candle has made being at home so much nicer, I get this feeling of happiness every time I light it!”
  • – Chris, 2020

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