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5 reason why we NEVER burn synthetic candles

According to toxicologists, the easiest way to increase your toxic load is through polluted air in and outside of the home.

1. Synthetic fragrances are used by 99% of well-known candle brands, even by those promoting themselves as ‘natural’. These fragrances are created through a process of refining crude oil. They can release carcinogens, allergens and hormone disruptors when burned.

2. The majority of candles still use paraffin wax, a derivative of petroleum. When burned it releases benzene and toluene, the same toxic chemicals which are found in car exhaust fumes.

3. Synthetic candles can cause headaches, nausea, and vertigo. Ever felt that overwhelming need to blow a candle out after 20 minutes? That’s your body telling you it’s had enough. 

4. Some synthetic candles, especially those with coloured wax, can contain the concerning ingredient benzidine. Research shows “a correlation between occupational exposure to benzidine and the development of urinary bladder cancer.”

Synthetic fragrances have zero aromatherapeutic benefits, in fact, they have the opposite effect. 

These are some of the very reasons we started Eym, to create the purest 100% natural candles, containing zero synthetic ingredients.

Not only are our products 100% natural, but each of our fragrances have been blended to have specific, science-backed aromatherapeutic, mood-boasting effects on emotional well-being.