Yin Refillable Candle Collection

The world's only 100% natural, refillable candles. Blending glass artistry, powerful symbolism and aromatherapy.

We are delighted to introduce you to our third series of 100% natural refillable candles – The Yin Collection. 

Created to evoke inner peace, strength, and the power of being present. Each piece of glass is symbolic, a beautiful reminder of what you need; breath (Prana), surrender (Salute the Sun), self-love and protection (The Evil Eye), stillness and peace (Yin).

Why Refillable?

Invest in a piece of handblown glass, that means something to you. Then refill and reuse with your favourite 100% natural Eym fragrance.

Sustainable and ultimately cost-effective, refilling saves you 70% on buying new candles. 

Burn, refill and keep forever. 

As always we love to work with artisans and artists, so we commissioned artist Frankie Thorp to create the box cover artwork.

Burn, refill, and keep forever.