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  • Good Housekeeping's must have sleep products...
    Good Housekeeping's must have sleep products...

    Good Houskeeping recently did a survey and found that 79% of their readers struggle with their sleep, or sleep quality. 72% of them had you tried sleep-enhancing products, with aromatherapy,...
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  • Three Simple Things - May Edition
    Three Simple Things - May Edition

    Welcome to our new monthly series. Three Simple Things. A way of sharing three small things that have made our month better, and might make yours better too... NYT Cooking...
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  • Mental Health Awareness Week, 13 - 19 May
    Mental Health Awareness Week, 13 - 19 May

    Mental health has been a prominent thread throughout my life. I suffered from panic attacks from the age of fifteen - it was a time when anxiety was not discussed...
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  • The candle they said we couldn't make
    Poppy, Sampling fragrance

    Don't do it... Here are just a few of the comments we received when we contacted perfumers saying we wanted to create a 100% natural home fragrance brand. “Natural fragrance is...
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  • Essential Oils For Spring
    Essential Oils For Spring

    Rejuvenate Your Space The desire for a Spring cleanse is real. Despite not always feeling Spring-like, you do start to feel murmurings of craving change, renewal, and rejuvenation. Perhaps we...
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  • Winter Wellbeing, some tips
    Yoga and Eym

    This time of year can have a huge effect on mental well-being, so below we have listed a few small winter rituals, that we think, make all the difference.  1....
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  • What's in, What's Out
    Eden Mini Candle

    Our List for 2024 We love a bit of manifestation at the beginning of the year. Below is our list of what's in and what's out for us in 2024....  ...
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  • 5 reason why we NEVER burn synthetic candles
    Chamomile Flowers

    According to toxicologists, the easiest way to increase your toxic load is through polluted air in and outside of the home. 1. Synthetic fragrances are used by 99% of well-known...
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  • Christmas Aromas, Without the Chemicals
    Set the table naturally

    I don't know about you, but I have a real aversion to synthetic Christmas smells. Fake cinnamon and pine fragrances can actually make me feel quite nauseous. We were recently...
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  • The down-low on aromatherapy and essential oils
    The down-low on aromatherapy and essential oils

    Essential oils have been getting a lot of buzz recently. Since Covid struck and levels of uncertainty and anxiety have soared for many, there has been a huge interest in...
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  • The bedtime wind down
    The bedtime wind down

    Bedtime routines are a hot topic. So many of us are bad sleepers as a result of the frenetic world we live in today, we are constantly told how important...
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  • Wise words from nurse turned natural health expert Hayley Merrick
    Chamomile Essential Oils

    We chatted with hormonal health and aromatherapy expert Hayley Merrick, founder of Love Your Cycles. We came across her when reading an article in Stylist magazine, and wanted to know...
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  • Ways to boost your mood with the clock change
    Ways to boost your mood with the clock change

    The changing of the clock, can sometimes feel like an ominous time of year, but there are many ways in which we can look more positively at this time of...
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  • Five simple ways to improve concentration
    Positive effects of nature

    It really doesn't take much to give yourself a mental boost in a work day, here are some of our top tips... Get regular "green time" A dose of nature...
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  • Rewiring your anxious brain
    Rewiring your anxious brain

    Anxiety and neuroplasticity Having suffered from anxiety since the age of fifteen, I have always been fascinated in the developing conversations and studies around mental health. One topic that is...
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  • Our favourite products to help you get some zzz's
    Our favourite products to help you get some zzz's

      Get a good breathing/meditation app A lot of sleep issues come from pent up anxiety before bed. Belly breathing and meditation can help bring your cortisol levels down dramatically....
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  • How to burn your candles
    How to burn your candles

    The First Burn is Key This determines how your candle will burn every time you light it. Allow the melt pool to reach the sides of the jar before you...
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  • The Rituals with Lucy Williams
    The Rituals with Lucy Williams

    Eym stands for Elevate your Mood, and was founded on the premise that it’s the little rituals that make life richer. I have always been a big advocate for mental health....
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