Three Simple Things - May Edition

Three Simple Things - May Edition

Welcome to our new monthly series. Three Simple Things.

A way of sharing three small things that have made our month better, and might make yours better too...

NYT Cooking App

If like me, you get into a cooking rut, this app is inspirational! Delicious recipes that are easy to use and you can create shopping lists within the app.

Excited to make this Coconut-Miso Salmon Curry. 

Geranium and Jojoba Body Oil

We made a blend of our Home fragrance with a organic Jojoba body oil for an event. And I'm obsessed with using it! I've discovered it's a really hydrating body oil/perfume that makes your skin look so dewy and you smell amazing.

(Would this be a product you'd like from Eym?) 

In the meantime, you could blend a few drops of geranium essential oils with any Jojoba oil to get a similar effect.

Setting the Scene

We are loving these warm balmier evenings, but I still quite like to set a calm and relaxing scene in the evening. There's something about signifying the end of a busy day and the beginning of the evening wind-down.

So we still light the candles, put on our comfy clothes and maybeee have a glass of wine.