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Wise words from nurse turned natural health expert Hayley Merrick

We chatted with hormonal health and aromatherapy expert Hayley Merrick, founder of Love Your Cycles. We came across her when reading an article in Stylist magazine, and wanted to know more. Hayley combines what so many of us are looking for these days - clinical and natural health support. 

Could you briefly explain why you started Love Your Cycles and what it’s all about?

Yes. Love Your Cycles is a culmination of my professional, personal and health experiences. I was a nurse for approaching 10 years. Due to stress when I was working in intensive care, I was guided back to the natural therapies I’d loved as a girl and began training in reiki healing and aromatherapy in 2012. Initially for my own enjoyment and wellbeing. Over time I began to realise how important it is to combine natural and complementary medicine.

I experienced further stress which affected my hormones, I was diagnosed with overactive thyroid and polycystic ovaries, which I’ve since overcome with a change of lifestyle and natural therapies.

When I left nursing in 2018, I set up a therapy practice providing hands on therapies. I was seeing increasing numbers of clients experiencing hormonal issues. It was natural to specialise in therapies specifically for hormones, fertility and pregnancy.

I know you work a lot with aromatherapy, could you tell us about your favourite essential oils and what they work best for

My go to oils for balance and relaxation include geranium, rose, bergamot and ylang ylang. These oils are calming and have an affinity with the female reproductive system. Geranium and bergamot are also gently uplifting, meaning they’re also great for general wellbeing. During the winter I love sweet orange, neroli and bergamot. They’re zesty, citrusy and infuse your home with cheerful, energising fragrance.

Some people are wary of aromatherapy and in the past it has been written off as a bit hippyish and woo woo, it has now done a complete 180 with the resurgence of aromatherapy 2.0. Why do you think people are reverting back to this ancient practice? 

I think people are now becoming aware that aromatherapy is supported by science. There’s more and more research that show the physiological changes that aromatherapy can support. Such as lowering heart and breathing rate to induce relaxation. 

In light of the pandemic, I believe people are looking for practices that they can use to support their own health and wellbeing. Essential oils and candles can transform your home into a sensory oasis and transform your mood. 

Subconsciously, I also believe that people are looking to re-connect with nature. We’ve become so disconnected and while there’s many benefits to technological advancements, people are yearning for a more natural, relaxed way of life. Provided that sustainable and ethically produced oils are chosen, aromatherapy really helps to bring that connection to nature back into your life.

I couldn't agree more with you about people wanting to reconnect with nature. Eym stands for Elevate Your Mood, and is all about the idea that little rituals in your day can really boost your mood. What are your rituals that you can rely on to always give you a lift?

I love this idea, I talk a lot about infusing micro moments of self-care into your day with my clients. My go-to rituals are aromatherapy diffusers and candles, the benefits of essential oils plus the warm and cosy glow can transform your day. I have a candle lit as I type this! 

I also love my daily walk and making a mindful cup of herbal tea. Focusing on our surroundings during a walk, or the process of boiling the water and brewing the tea, can be a really meditative process. Putting our phone away and becoming absorbed in the task at hand can help us to reduce the chatter in our mind, helping us to feel more relaxed and calm.

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