Good Housekeeping's must have sleep products...

Good Housekeeping's must have sleep products...

Good Houskeeping recently did a survey and found that 79% of their readers struggle with their sleep, or sleep quality.

72% of them had you tried sleep-enhancing products, with aromatherapy, sleep trackers, sleep teas and supplements proving the most popular. This was, of course, music to our ears, we are such big believers in the power of aromatherapy for sleep. 

Our Rest candle got a special mention:

"I've been on the hunt of late for natural wax alternatives, which provide the same aromatherapeutic benefits to help me nod off. Enter Eym. I first heard of the brand when I saw its stunning refillable glass-bowls in the living rooms of some of my favourite interior influencers. This 'rest' candle is a little more affordable, lasts for ages and is the perfect accompaniment to a good book and a cup of soothing tea before bed. Bliss.”

Florence Reeves-White, Senior Beauty Writer, GH