Positive effects of nature

Five simple ways to improve concentration

It really doesn't take much to give yourself a mental boost in a work day, here are some of our top tips...

Get regular "green time"

A dose of nature and getting outside has been shown to improve your attention span and ability to concentrate. 

One study showed that enriching a bare office with plants, increased the productivity of workers by 15 percent, citing higher levels of workplace satisfaction, perceived air quality, and reported levels of concentration. 

Mute the interruptions

Put your phone on airplane mode when you need to focus. Constant interruptions puts you on high alert which causes increased adrenaline levels, making it virtually impossible to get into a "concentration flow".

Setting the scene with Eym

Set the scene

Make your work environment a happy one. Before you sit down to work, make yourself a perfect cup of coffee (or tea), start a fresh page in your notebook, and of course light a candle! CREATE was made to be the candle you burn while you work, the fragrance uplifts and clarifies the mind and helps improve cognitive function.


Take a break and stretch. Stretching is one of the nicest and simplest ways to calm your mind. A five minute stretch can reset a tired brain and give you the perfect boost to get back at it.


Eat lots of concentration-enhancing snacks, such as, dark chocolate, walnuts and berries.

In Conclusion

Of all of these tips, if you can possibly do one, it's get outside for some green time. It never fails.