Set the table naturally

Christmas Aromas, Without the Chemicals

I don't know about you, but I have a real aversion to synthetic Christmas smells. Fake cinnamon and pine fragrances can actually make me feel quite nauseous.

We were recently asked by Ideal Home how we make our home smell amazing at Christmas (aside from candles), so here are a few tips..... 

Dried eucalyptus

Dried Eucalyptus

It looks so good and gives off an incredible fragrance. Place it all around your home in little vases.


Go into your garden or the local woods and forage holly, pinecones, and foliage. This creates an incredible seasonal smell, looks lovely and it's so good for the soul to get out in nature and do a bit of foraging.

Christmas Essential Oils

The best Christmas essential oils are Vetivert ("the oil of tranquility") and Frankincense "the oil of spirituality". They are deep and woody scents, so they complement a log fire beautifully.

We love having a few of our Laze or Mellow diffusers around the house at Christmas. 

Stuffed Oranges 

Oranges stuffed with cloves and hung from beams around your home. Red string or ribbon always looks especially festive for hanging.

The Real Deal

Last but not least! A real Christmas tree, you just can't beat that smell.