Ways to boost your mood with the clock change

Ways to boost your mood with the clock change

The changing of the clock, can sometimes feel like an ominous time of year, but there are many ways in which we can look more positively at this time of year. It reminds us that we need to slow down, surrender to nature and appreciate what is.

Surrender to the seasons

Embrace what's lovely about Autumn and Winter. Fires, candles (of course!), spending more time at home.

Practice Gratitude

Brain scans show that practicing gratitude can go a long way to helping rewire our reticular activating system. “The area of our mind that focuses on good versus bad."

Increase sensory awareness

Take note of the beauty of the changes in nature, what can you see, smell, hear? The turning the leaves, the low autumn light, the crisp air. This is a type of meditation, which might be easier for some, it involves more of a sense based approach.

Get outside

Don't stop getting out. If it's light you crave, make the morning your time for a long walk. Exercise outside, to get that perceived-light effect. It is highly effective in getting your endorphins going, which is important during the sedentary season. 

Green therapy


Let the light in

If you can't get out, let the light in. Open your window for a burst of fresh air, work next to a window if you can, and try and get out during your lunch break for a 15 minute walk, no matter how unappealing it seems.

Seasonal Affective Disorder

SAD is incredibly common, if you really struggle, always speak to your GP about therapy support, you could also invest in a light therapy lamp, this article could be a useful guide for you to find the right one for you.