Mental Health Awareness Week, 13 - 19 May

Mental Health Awareness Week, 13 - 19 May

Mental health has been a prominent thread throughout my life. I suffered from panic attacks from the age of fifteen - it was a time when anxiety was not discussed so openly. It was tough.

Over the years, I have learnt that professional help and medication (for some) are essential. But small, daily rituals can also have an immensely calming and centering effect on your mood. Eym actually stands for Elevate your Mood, and was founded on the premise that, it’s the little rituals that make life richer.

The theme for Mental Health Awareness Week this year is movement, something that is key to my mental health.

Below are a few favourite rituals to suport my mental wellbeing:

  • Daily Walks (earpods out!)
  • 10 minutes daily of stretching or pilates (love Fluidform)
  • Phone on airplane mode by 8pm
  • Reading in bed every night, whilst burning our candles

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