Fascinating news in the world of sleep

Fascinating news in the world of sleep

CBT for sleep

It was recently announced that the NHS will be offering a sleep app as a first port of call for patients suffering from insomnia. Sleepio, a six-week digital CBT therapy programme, will be the first-line treatment, not medication.

This ground-breaking treatment has had incredible results in clinical studies, they found that "75 per cent of patients who completed the course experienced improvements and on average the time it took them to fall asleep was halved." (The Times)

It's fascinating to see UK opening up to alternative therapies, especially ones like CBT, which is proven time and time again to be so affective.

In conclusion

So for those of you with sleep issues, we recommend downloading the app, and using our Rest, the sleepy one fragrance. Either by lighting a candle, or keeping the diffuser next to your bed.