Our favourite products to help you get some zzz's

Our favourite products to help you get some zzz's


Get a good breathing/meditation app

A lot of sleep issues come from pent up anxiety before bed. Belly breathing and meditation can help bring your cortisol levels down dramatically. We love Breathe+ and Breathwrk - where you can literally see your inhales and exhales (timed to your preference). And if you want to close your eyes, you can set up a vibrate function to let you know when it’s time to switch between the two. Also Breethe, which all about pre sleep mindfulness.

Ylang Ylang essential oil

Ylang Ylang can help create feelings of joy and ease and release negative emotions. Add a few drops to your bath or mix a couple drops with a carrier oil and massage into your neck and wrists to help soothe any nervous tension.

Weighted blankets

Also referred to as a gravity blanket or a pressure blanket, this special blanket creates a sense of being swaddled. The physical connection that you feel, provides a sense of warmth and safety that helps the body relax. They are proven to boost serotonin & dopamine, help the body release melatonin and reduce the stress hormone cortisol. We love the brand Aeyla.


Much talked about for the positive effect it can have on anxiety, stress and especially sleep. The often sold out Dreem Distillery CBD, is supposed to be one of the best.

Chamomile essential oil 

Just because we've heard about the benefits of chamomile for sleep for what feels like forever, don't dismiss it. Our Rest candle is a bestseller for a reason. Chamomile is an incredibly soothing and calming oil. If you feel frazzled from a long, stressful day, apply chamomile oil to the bottoms of your feet during your bedtime routine. The sweet, herbaceous aroma has such a positive effect on relaxation.