How to burn your candles

How to burn your candles

The First Burn is Key

This determines how your candle will burn every time you light it. Allow the melt pool to reach the sides of the jar before you blow it out. Normally around 2-3 hrs. We promise it’s worth it, it will make your candle last much longer as it stops tunneling.

Trim Your Wick (but no less than 1cm)

The wick should always be short and upright for a clean burn. This stops tunneling, big flames and black smoke. 

Burn for Atleast Two Hours 

To receive the full aromatherapy benefits of our candles, and to prevent tunneling, let them burn them in an enclosed non drafty space for atleast two hours

Aromatherapy Experience 101

Candles that have no nasty chemical scent boosters (like ours) are made to be burnt in special places, like your bedroom, study or bathroom. 

When you enter your room, take a deep belly breath, expanding your tummy as much as you possibly can, and then slowly breath out until every last bit of breath has disappeared. Repeat 3 or 4 times. 


Candles are such a beautiful and symbolic way of signalling self care. Enjoy your moment.