The Rituals with Lucy Williams

The Rituals with Lucy Williams

Eym stands for Elevate your Mood, and was founded on the premise that it’s the little rituals that make life richer. 

I have always been a big advocate for mental health. I suffered from panic attacks from the age of fifteen - a time when anxiety was not discussed so openly. What I learned during this time was that professional help and medication are essential, but small, daily rituals can also have an immensely calming and centering effect on your mood.

This is when my love of essential oils came about which led me into aromatherapy. Smell is scientifically proven to have a powerful effect on mood, and increasingly, I found essential oils had this gentle therapeutic effect on me. Evening’s tended to be my trickiest time, so I would add a few drops of lavender to a bath, or put some rose absolute into an oil burner, then dim the lights, light some candles and try to leave the busy, adrenaline-filled days at the door. It was symbolic of winding down.
Since then, hearing about other people's rituals has always fascinated me. I love hearing about people’s favorite little moments throughout the day. So I’ve asked some friends of Eym, to tell us theirs….

What is your die hard morning ritual?

A cup of tea followed by a walk with the dog. Sometimes it’s 2 hours, sometimes it’s 10 minutes depending on the schedule for the rest of the day, but I think getting outside first thing is really important. It’s not just the morning, but I always try and drink at least 2.5 litres of water through the day too. 

How do you create moments of relaxation throughout the day?

I find I have to give myself rewards of relaxation throughout the day to keep me motivated! 20 minutes of Pilates, a break away from my laptop listening to a podcast with a snack…. Just little things I look forward to and keep the cortisol levels stable.

What is key to your evening wind-down? I’m sure a lot of sleep scientists will tell me off for this, but I can’t lie, watching a bit of TV is my wind down. If it’s got subtitles, it’s even better, because then I can’t be on my phone. Recently I devoured The Split and House of the Dragon. 

I like lighting one of my Eym + Lucy Williams refillable candles, cooking supper and zoning out a bit in front of a good series. I’m fastidious about my evening skincare routine too and take magnesium before bed to help with sleep and muscle recovery. I also swear by a good pillow spray (I love Bamford's) and a silk eye mask.

Lucy Williams Rest Candle

If you had to pick one, what would be your desert island ritual and why?

Walking and Pilates. I couldn’t be without either and love to walk, especially when I’m travelling. There’s nothing more therapeutic to me than walking along the beach and I actually love doing it alone the most. Also tea. I would have to have tea on this desert island!