The wellness trends that actually work

The wellness trends that actually work

At Eym, we are all about the little rituals that add a slice of joy to your day. Here's what we think is actually beneficial...

Cold Water Therapy 

Have your tried it yet? From wild swimming to cold showers, this seems to be the trend that everyone is talking about. Wim Hof's cold shower challenge is free and great starting point. We have to say, this is hardcore, but we have really felt the benefits. Your skin tingles afterwards, and you feel more alive.

Bergamot essential oil 

We have been testing lots of samples of this beautiful EO, fresh sweet and invigorating. Often used in aromatherapy to boost moods and relive stress. It is also a natural anti-inflammatory. It's and essential oil in our Create candle. 

Facial massage 

It works. It really does. Fave's to follow on instagram are Abigail James, Michaela Bolder and FaceGym.